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Getting back into music writting:

Posted by Stewart Brodian on December 8, 2013 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Tonight, somebody called me while I was running my shift at WDIY.  We were talking about music and how they liked my compositions.  I haven't written any new material in over a year.  There's a piano here at the radio station.  When I finished my shift + set the station on automatic, I sat down at the piano and began to write.

I came up with one riff,.. got a little bit of writers block, played some of my old tunes and,.. that's when more creativity started to come out.

It's not completed.  I'm not sure where what I've written so far will go from here but, I can say this much.  It's a LOT more substantial as a musical piece than anything I've written (or, tried to have written), in well over a year.  Usually, it's one or two chords and a few notes,...

I used to be very prolific in my music writings until I started to create my own independent music paper back in '96.  I knew that it would divert my creativity and I do regret it but, I comfort myself in the peace of mind that I did make something creative and a bit of a service to the community (the paper listed open mic nights as well as having artwork, poetry and comentary/humor).  I did that for ten years.  Several years ago, I became more involved in acting - eventually making my own TV pilot and a few short films. Here again, being creative but,... and I've said this before,...I'm never happy unless I'm onstage.  I'm hoping I can start concentrating more on music and get some of the other stuff out of my head.  TV shows come and go, even newspapers come and go  - music: that keeps getting played on the radio!  People will always buy more music than an old TV show or newspaper and music will alway continue to inspire people.

I've started writing again!

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This morning I awoke with a melody in my head.

It was kind of like the bass line to The Smithereens' "Blood And Roses".  I started playing it on my guitar.

When I started adding some chords to it, it was more reminicent of one of the song on the Lou Reed/John Cale album "Songs For Drella".

There's no words for it - not yet, anyway - but, I do plan to get to it later this evening.

I've been spending too much time with other concerns and responcibities.

It's nice to get back to what I really love!